In the above link, the guy getting hit in Val Riazinov's ballistic striking videos is interviewed.

In this interview he explains pretty well how he became intrigued with Russian Systema.  Val does a nice job in putting a lot of video out on the ballistic strikes.

A lot of people, including my students, ask for videos to watch of Russian Systema. Some don't believe that the system has strikes that develop so much power. They struggle to understand how the concepts work. They wish to see it first on video. Here I will assemble some links to videos, mostly public on YouTube. But please keep this in mind. Systema doesn't "show well' from the outside.  You must be hit by it to understand the power of the strikes.  You will never understand the hidden nature unless you are working in the "first person" feeling it. Systema strikes and movements are so subtle, you miss many of them watching in real time. The Master looks like he's moving slowly but if you blink, the other guy got hit several times already. I have used these strikes countless times, they have the potential of devastating impact! I've used them on massive men, NFL football players and the like. They do work.

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Here I will include Some of my favorite Systema videos:

An Awesome introduction to Systema in Russia (A professional crew from Singapore was sent by the Discovery Channel to join our training trip to Moscow in August, 2003 to film a segment on Russian Martial Art for the "GO WARRIOR" documentary. GO WARRIOR features the most interesting martial arts of the world. Four martial arts have been selected by The Discovery Channel, and Russian Martial Art by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev is one of them. This unique program should include the historical and philosophical background of the Russian System as well as many exciting demonstrations):  

A great long video on Systema:

this video on Ted captures a lot of Systema concepts from a completely different view:

The first is a three part series

The next is another version, more complete, :


Kevin Secours

Kevin Secours on Striking:

Explanation of casting or whip strikes or wave:

Kevin Secours good systema ballistics demos:

Val Riazinov

Basic explanation of a ballistic strike and the necessity of a straight wrist:

Best high speed Systema striking Korean demonstration

Mikhail Ryabko

Ryabko and a boxer:

Good Ryabko Lesson in striking:

Ryabko demonstration with prop hammer:

Vladimir Vasiliev

Special strikes with purpose:

Compilation mostly of Vlad's work with Russian music added:

Full Speed Systema Strikes or Fighting

Systema Military, full speed:

My instructor, Martin Wheeler:

Intro to Martin Wheeler:

Structure breaking using strikes:

Knife Defense


A pretty good wall exercise to develop the strike plus body backup mass:

Russian Videos

This is really deep work, military, and some very hard to believe no-touch work:
A pretty cool long compilation with a lot of strikes too:

Great video packed with Systema Concepts
Figure Eight Work - From Sticks To Knife Defence

This is an excellent video by by Paul Genge . This video is packed full of Systema Concepts. Here's just a few: You have to watch carefully. The ease of movement, the good structure, the energy developed from a loose yet coordinated body, then the movements in response to attack. Keeping the attacker close, allowing him to get "what he wants". Slow it down, you will see invisible strikes, invisible to the attacker. That is the Systema way. Very short quick arm bars that are almost imperceptible. Sticking and following concept. Turning about the spine. Taking the face from nowhere, so it can't be seen. Disrupting balance. Moving so that you are always working close to your own structured erect body while the attacker is stretched out and out of sorts. Minimal movement, whilst very loose and light control of the weapon hand, getting off line with the smallest calmest movement, taking attacker's structure in a scientific manner. You will see inserted many "techniques" common to other systems, but done from a much more effective and efficient base. There are jujitsu and hapkido arm bars, Kenpo levers against the head, buckling of the base, etc. You will see the attacker's arm swing out or down or both out of his power element, whilst the defender stays in his. There are stirs, there are propellers. There are Aikido-like allowing the attackers base forward whilst you move his upper body backwards and vice-versa. There are front and back clotheslines. There are arm drags, distractions, all common to many other systems. But Systema makes them incredibly efficient and deceptive. The figure 8 movement is how to develop flowing power. Systema applies great patience. If you slow it down or start/stop you will see many actions, prior to and sometimes he never disarms. Going for a quick disarm, which is taught in most systems can be a deadly mistake. Eight Work - From Sticks To Knife DefenceThis is Combat Lab students working with sticks as a way of developing movement patterns that are the backbone of how the Russian Style often known as