Older gentleman Seeking a very different Self Defense

January 19, 2015

"After taking my first class of systema, I was amazed at how easy and yet so hard it is. This style of martial arts is so unlike any other styles i know of. It brings out you to be the best you can be with YOUR skills. I am 66 and I felt this is something I can do, and develop what will work with me. Having said that, I feel systema is far above anything out there for self defense,  self confidence,  and self esteem. George was very kind and giving in his class, his passion shines for style and wanting you to win at it."

Rick W

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Systema Colorado Springs

Russian Система

An officially affiliated school of Vladimir Vasiliev


Family seeking self defense

"Several months ago, I discovered www.systemacoloradosprings.com while doing a search for martial arts training options. After more than a decade of Taekwondo training with my family, I wanted to broaden our horizons and delve into something fresh and new. My primary goal was to add a new level of self defense to our abilities and to hone a new skill set. My wife and sixteen-year-old daughter have attended numerous training sessions and we are committed. George has exceeded all of our expectations. Not only have we begun to learn about the phenomenal Russian Systema, but we have explored a plethora of elements in and outside of the class; each one specifically, honestly and genuinely tailored to our personalities and wants. Rare it is today, in the vast sea of practitioners of the arts where most are simply driven by monetary goals and becoming bigger, to encounter a Master willing to patiently share every ounce of his skills to help others become better. Not just better at the motions or mechanics requiring endless repetitions, memorization and boring drills, but a truly life-changing and life-enhancing experience. If you are seeking a unique, no-hype approach to self defense, look no further!"


January 9, 2015

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Systema Student Rene

12 September, 2014

"I have had the privilege of training martial arts with George in his home studio for a while. George is one of those teachers who is in constant search of more knowledge and deeper understanding of the arts he already masters.
George has done something that I have never experienced before, he tailors the training session to fit his students, takes notes, does research to constantly better his teachings.
George masters so many martial arts, and have taught so many different students from Teenage Self Defense to seasoned fighters, so I am comfortable giving my recommendations of Georges studio to anyone who is seeking self defense training."

Young woman after a short but intensive self-defense training

Hello George

I wanted to write you a little note to say thank you for EVERYTHING.

When I try to explain to people what I learn in your class, all I can say is that it's so much more than “fighting”, It's a way of life. I know they don't get it, but that's OK. I have gotten to just glimpse the sheer power of what you are teaching me. So thank you.


10 August 2017

When nothing else works...

Read what one mother has to say about the results with her son:

"We found George while looking for a solution to bullying that turned physical for our 13 year old son. In a very short time George has given our son some simple tools to defend and protect himself against school bullies or other dangerous persons he may encounter in our society. Our son has already (after three private sessions) been able to utilize skills learned from George to deflect a physical attack at school - This did not require great strength or ability, just knowledge of what to do and when. We were not looking for karate chops and colorful belts requiring expensive testing, we needed immediate help and George has more than stepped up to the plate. Our son's confidence and strength is growing, he has great respect and trust in George - This is the best gift we have ever given our son!"

D.W.,   Mother from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Written October, 2013

This happened to me! Yes me, the instructor.

I was attacked by a gang in San Diego

This took place October 2013

"I was attacked by a gang of "hoodies" in San Diego. Movement saved my life! I never had to touch or hit anyone, I moved as i teach in Systema and the attackers fell or got incredibly confused; most were on the ground, screaming. That's how effective Russian Systema movement really is!"

Upper Level Martial Artist in Aikido gets great benefits!

January 19, 2015

"Training Systema with George Borrelli has fundamentally shifted how I approach very basic posture, breathing, and movement both in my day-to-day life as well as in my practice and teaching of Aikido. George's demonstration of movement from proper posture and breathing that leads to highly effective strikes and counters make his classes engaging and very educational to both the novice as well as the experienced martial artist. I come away from each Systema class with specific areas for improvement that I can start applying immediately to my own movement, attitudes, and training."


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Teenager in need of training

Submitted 11 January 2015

"My 16 year old has Asperger's Syndrome, or high-functioning autism.  He always wanted to be in a martial arts class, but we had several negative experiences with instructors - one made him do 100 burpees after class for not listening when he was nine years old, one instructor did not provide enough structure and the entire class was out of control....and then there was the monthly fees to pay whether you received services or not.  He just never seemed to benefit very much.

Isaac found Mr. Borrelli's studio himself on the internet, and asked if he could take a class to check it out.  The class sizes are small, there is a lot of personal attention, and Mr. Borrelli has been infinitely patient with my son.  I have noticed a difference in his ability to calm himself down in stressful situations, and he is definitely less impulsive.  I also notice a difference in his confidence level since taking these classes.  I would recommend Mr. Borrelli's classes to anyone with a child with impulse control."

Mother of Teen
L.E of Colorado Springs
Submitted January 2015"M

A Master of martial arts, school owner, and instructor felt the ENERGY!

“George showed me at a Martial arts seminar...a simple wave punch..I believe it was called...he used this technique as if it was a simple..move no..speed or intent..but..when the strike came...I was stunned beyond anything I've ever experienced...It didn't hurt...but after the blow...I felt very weak and was just simply stunned that he didn't use this strike as a 90 mph fast all...it looked slow...but when it hit my chest...I just dropped...and he helped me up and checked on me and made sure that I was ok!

Honestly I have never felt that type of Ki or Chi energy like that...wow...lol..thanks George....Wow...slow motion Ki strike..and I went down..."

Master Mark D

Of Kansas