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Men's Self Defense Classes Colorado Springs Colorado

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Regular classes: Monday and Wednesday nights 7-8:30 pm

Systema for children and teens per arrangement

Day time classes are available, please contact us

Sundays can also be arranged

Classes can be arranged any time 24x7.  This is a full time school.

Normal drop-in fee $20 (ask for other financial arrangements). 

Nobody is rejected for affordability

All students must arrange attendance beforehand


I've been in martial arts for 60 years. I've studied intensely or tried almost everything available.

Systema has something for anyone. 

We teach teenagers, wives, daughters, older men, fighters, military, instructors at other schools and instructors in other systems. We teach experienced martial artists and most are amazed (please see Testimonials page). By learning the movements, the concepts, the ease of the work, you can very quickly improve your odds of coming away from most any attack safely.  We use soft movement as the base. You do not have to be rough. The movement alone can save your life. As the instructor, I work hard to make the training suit the student, each and every one. It is very different, so prepare for surprises, but it is extremely effective. The most effective I've ever seen.

We do not spar quite like other martial arts and we have no forms (kata). Sparring is done in a safe and progressive manner, so that in the end you can better defend yourself on the street. This isn't a place for extreme cardio makeovers. This is a place to become safer every single day.

What then is Systema like? We get asked that quite a lot. Because it is so very different, it isn't much like anything I've known before. I realize this sounds like cliche but it seems to be true. Systema founders/ creator seem to have taken the very best of virtually all of the martial arts (I see elements of all the others in it) but it is boiled down to the essential ingredients. You are taught the core of movement and how the human body works at its very best. This is the stuff that many martial arts do not reveal until high level of mastery . Developing that ability to be at your best, no matter what. It's like an improved computer software operating system. Then the apps or applications are added "on top" of that great operating system. I find that much of learning in other systems just gets better. So if you already know stuff, you will be better at it (see the Aikido instructor's testimonial on the testimonial page) and for never-evers we show you how to quickly avoid any problems and yet remain at your full potential, in all aspects of life, especially if you are in danger or trouble or risk or just frightened. We work on reduction of fears, how to manage the self. There's a part, at the core, that is "internal". But it manifests with great external movement, power, and ability to handle stress. 

                        My main instructor: 

A nice overview of Systema on Youtube by Systema UK

George  unbalancing via arms to move the shoulders

Systema is for anybody

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Systema Colorado Springs

Russian Система

An officially affiliated school of Vladimir Vasiliev


George, center, facing, summarizing his experience at Systema Master Class with Martin Wheeler in San Diego

Self Defense Classes and Instruction

George teaches Russian Systema as taught by Vladimir Vasiliev. George has been approved personally and officially by Vladimir to instruct Systema. George also teaches Self Defense as a blend of Russian Systema, and many other systems in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is also a certified black belt instructor in another system.  George also teaches his own interpretation of the vast Russian Systema system and it's various lineages. George teaches and trains Russian Systema in Colorado Springs.

George's relevant background

George Borrelli has been involved in the martial arts since 1956. He has studied many systems (Russian Systema, Combat Hapkido, Ed Parker's Kenpo, GoJuRyu, Judo, Wrestling, Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Aikido, Tai Chi, TKD, several others) and has had experience in competitive wrestling and in full contact fighting. George continues to study in earnest any and all systems that improve his ability to help others with self defense.   George trains frequently with Master instructor in Russian Systema, Martin Wheeler, who is international level and highly demanded. George trained in many of Martin's Systema Master Classes over the years, the very first Systema Instructors' Class, The very first East Coast Master Class, and many other focused seminars/classes in ground, stand up, close, weapons, multi-attackers, and others. George has also trained with Maxim Franz in Systema, mostly in ground. Max was a top instructor at worldwide Systema Headquarters, Toronto. George has also trained with Andrey Patenko, Senior Master Systema instructor, who is a former Spetnaz. George trained with the Systema Twins and others. George also trained, of course, with Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko, founder of Systema. George has traveled around the country and trained or partnered with the majority of Systema instructors in North America.

Powerful Punches and Specialty Defensive Strikes (this is optional)

George has taken a very special interest in and has a very good handle on the development of great power as taught in the Chinese internal martial arts which is also taught in Russian Systema. He does special seminars in how to deliver this great power. You might call it the Ki in Aikido or Hapkido, the Chi in Tai Chi, the Qi in Chinese internal martial arts. This power is real and is really something to feel and learn how to do. Call it short deep, powerful, hidden strikes, if you will. Of course there is a lot of physical control/work to make the energy/mass move properly. The most famous example is Bruce Lee's "one inch punch". George can show you how to develop great power in a few inches or with "no inches" distance. Enough to move, topple, break, damage, impact, significantly disturb your attacker. A great asset to have in your own self defense arsenal. In addition to delivering energy, George can help you understand how to help heal or to remove the affects, sometimes removing the energy instantly. Systema has this as an integral part of the system. George is also a Reiki Energy Master. See him if you are interested in any aspect of self-defense or the development of power (Chi, Ki, Fa Jin) in your practice.

Seminars and special instruction for groups

George is available to bring instruction to your martial arts schools, your place of business, etc. George has conducted seminars at martial arts schools, elite middle schools, businesses, and military installations such as the U.S. Air Force Academy. Some have been specialized in women's self defense and others in Systema. George has conducted intense punching power instruction at Taekwondo schools.